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Summer Guest Chef series

Friday  July 10  2015


First Course

Pan-seared chantarelle mushroom risotto cakes complimented by a white wine & fresh thyme sauce.


Second Course

A choice between two entrees:

  -Australian lollipop lamb chops with Chef Bob's signature mushroom shaped tri-color baby potatoes with fresh local vegetables, or 

  -Red Snapper prepared en papillote (a steam pouch), with fresh local vegetables and a beurre blanc sauce.


Third Course

A light and refreshing blueberry cheesecake soufflé with blueberry sauce,

prepared by Erika Boesch.


The menu can be ordered at a special fixe price of $49.95 for all three courses


Please call The Bistro on Park Avenue at (407) 539-6520 or 407 865 1752 to reserve your space.